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"The GM Transcenter is an open invitation to visit a world rarely seen.

The Trancenter showcases candid, behind the scenes views of what it takes to design, engineer, and manufacture cars and trucks with the highest order of quality and imagination.

But satisfying today's personal travel requirements is only part of the ongoing creative process.  Anticipating what lies ahead is another story that comes to life in the GM Transcenter.  Clearly, The Future of Transportation is Here...and on full display!"

- GM promotional brochure

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The GM Transcenter was an Innoventions-type exhibit hall whose five main exhibit areas encompassed nearly half of the pavilion's first floor.

Exhibits included the Dreamer's Workshop, the largest area - dedicated to concept cars of the future, and GM production model of the day.

Concept 2000 was a look at advanced automobile design.  Numerous far-fetched ideas came and went in this often-updated area.  But study many of the more realistic concepts, and you can see how design elements have been incorporated into modern cars (the Aero 2004 and Pontiac Banshee are surprisingly similar to today's Firebird, Trans Am, or Sunfire)
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A computer-generated prototype goes through the GM "torture" tests without ever taking physical shape.

A replica of North America's only wind tunnel used exclusively for automobile testing.  The fan blades were 13-feet long and could generate a uniform wind velocity of 150mph. wom17.jpg (8713 bytes)

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Aerotest sought to educate visitors on the importance of air-flow patterns on fuel economy and automobile design.


The popular Bird and The Robot show was viewed by over 7 million guests per year.  The toucan, Bird, helps Tiger, the assembly-line robot, demonstrate the importance of robots in modern automobile assembly.

Tiger performs a variety of tricks for guests, including rolling over and playing dead, and conducting a symphony orchestra.  All this while Bird keeps audiences smiling with a never-ending supply of bad jokes. 


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Disney cast members also display the latest costumes, designed with the advanced GM polyester production techniques.  But apparently, the woman on the right is more impressed with the soft, smooth, silver thing.

Other exhibits include The Water Engine, an animated show which pits nine characters against each other in a debate over engine supremacy.  Each character promotes a different engine, including the ever-popular internal combustion, and, of course, the water engine. wom8.jpg (7503 bytes)


Interestingly, the Test Track pre-show area, which takes guests through a 'working' automobile factory was designed by the same company, BRC, that created much of the Transcenter back in 1982.