logo.gif (1501 bytes)GM Test Track


MURAL.jpg (15460 bytes)

The mural currently displayed in front of the World of Motion/Test Track pavilion

TESTTR~1.jpg (12591 bytes)

Concept art showing the vehicle coming back around the front of the building after completing the outdoor high-speed section.

test3.jpg (9075 bytes)

The pavilion as viewed from Logo Plaza

test1.jpg (7858 bytes)

Part of the outdoor tracking, backstage.  At this point, the vehicles are traveling  left-to-right, and are near the end of the ride.

test2.jpg (17351 bytes)

A great shot of the backstage high-speed run.  The vehicles exit the building following the 'crash-test' section, and hit a sharp decline.  Gaining speed, the cars take a sharp right, then left into the large helix.  After straightening out, they reach the top speeds of the ride, then curve around the front of the pavilion and enter just below the point where the vehicles left the building.

MVC-014F.jpg (181750 bytes) UPDATE!  Test Track will soft open to Epcot cast on December 11, to WDW cast on the 12th, and be turned over from imagineering to WDA on the 18th or 19th.  At that point, the decision to open to guests is strictly up to Epcot management.  They have stated that it will open in a limited (read: very long lines) capacity over the holidays, with an official grand opening (at full capacity) in March.   Currently, they are running 23 vehicles on the track, with a 16s dispatch time.   It's about time!


handm.gif (9291 bytes)For a great Test Track resource, check out Bing Futch's Test Track Construction Site